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Fighter 0


He’s a fighter. That’s all I know, that’s all need to know.

The fearless beast of Grand Canyon 0

The fearless beast of The Grand Canyon

We had never been formally introduced, so I don’t know its exact species or name. All I know is that it was one hell of a fearless beast, living on the edge, literally and figuratively. It built...

Bryce Canyon Shapes 0

Bryce Canyon shapes: What do you see?

That’s almost like in a movie. The shrink shows you a picture. ‘What do you see?’ asks the shrink. He squints his unfriendly eyes, and you know the wrong answer will put you in...

Bryce Canyon Rainbow Point Tree 0

Bryce Canyon: Rainbow Point Tree

At the elevation of 9115 feet (2778 m) I was literally walking in the clouds. An hour or two ago and couple of hundreds meters lower, I was wearing a t-shirt, as it was...