My photo of the Pier 39 Sea Lions in the Super Bowl Ad ‘trailer for the most star-studded Super Bowl commercial of all time’, as they call it officially

I am delighted to announce that my photo of the world famous Pier 39 Sea Lions is being used in the Super Bowl Ad trailer for the most star-studded Super Bowl commercial of all time, as the trailer is officially baptised by the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee.

The trailer is created by a San Francisco based advertising agency ‘Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ as part of the campaign for the philanthropic organisation 50 Fund. 50 Fund is set to collect 25% of the income from Super Bowl 50 in 2016 at the Levi Stadium (where the Super Bowl 50 will take place), with a nobel course to channel that money back into local Bay Area charities. According to Annie Holmgren, the Business Affairs Coordinator at ‘Goodby Silverstein & Partners’, the organisation became interested in using my photos for the campaign ‘because they are a great personification of the Bay Area’.

I am proud to cooperate with a project which aim is to make Super Bowl 50 the most philanthropic and giving Super Bowl ever.

And of course, as this is a campaign for a charitable organisation of my beloved San Francisco, I provided my work for free.