The last betrayal of the Joshua Tree tortoise, or how to stay in focus while being terribly hungry

As I expected, the little stroll enhanced the decision making process. It was all crystal clear now: no more distractions, no more side thoughts and useless petty feelings. I have to stay focused. The only thing I may think about is my suffering beauty, kidnapped by scumbags on that horrible night in Las Vegas, while I was too drunk to defend my love! I will do everything in my power to rescue her. Therefor, to remain strong and sharp, I must eat the tortoise, no matter how much I appreciate its pointless friendship. Not that I’ll eat the silly beast with great joy, God knows how much I love my brainless friend, but I’ll certainly eat it with gusto. I’ll do it for her.

A stroll through Joshua Tree

A stroll through Joshua Tree

As Green Peace said: no time to waste. With quick and resolute steps I headed for the doomed tortoise. The poor fellow is probably still trying to figure out the right answer, so critical to the success of my endeavour. Hell, somebody always ends up betrayed. That’s the biggest truth I’ve learned since loosing her. Looks like today is the tortoise’s day to be betrayed. Luckily, it’ll be the last betrayal of its life.

But what did I see, having arrived at the place I left the tortoise? Five dead scumbags sprawled in pools of blood along with their Tommies, while my imaginary meal is beating the hell out of the last one!

The dead guys are right behind this rock

The dead guys are right behind this rock!

I knew this man, he was the most immoral thug of the gang which hunted me for years and eventually took her away. He raped the tooth fairy at the age of 3. At the age of 4 he stuffed his father alive, as the poor bastard planned to leave his mother. Though soon thereafter the evil child also stuffed his mother to prevent her from abandoning her beloved child. Even the Russians avoided him, mainly for the coldblooded tooth fairy rape. Now he’s in my hands; now he’ll tell me everything, this bad fairy-rapist / mother-stuffer.


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