How to get to Yellowstone: just do not plan it, the road will bring you there (and/or somewhere else)

That was the first time when me and my American buddy decided not to plan our trip through U.S. in advance (which we normally do when I come over to visit him and his lovely girlfriend). Actually, it was his idea: just hit the road and see where it’ll take us.

So the first place where the road took us was a pub.

As well as the second one: the U.S. roads tend taking you to a pub as often as possible, especially when you’re not planning the trip in advance. So we spent half a day in some little town in less than an hour from San Francisco, as my buddy decided to find some particular local brewery, no matter what. I believe it was Stockton, although I’m not sure.

A local connoisseur of beer provided him with the highly detailed instructions on how to get there, and like in a very bad dream, for the next 3 hours we were wheeling round the same streets. While envying his persistence, I did my best not to think that that’s how the rest of our unplanned trip would go on. But eventually the bad dream went away, and we took off to the East, hoping that the road was going to make good for the time lost in vain.

And in it’s wisdom, the road did just that: it turned out to be one of the most stunning trips through the U.S. I’ve ever made. We were about to visit the Supervolcano Yellowstone, although neither me nor my disappointed buddy knew that at that time.

Yellowstone Elk could not foresee nothing

Yellowstone Elk could not foresee a thing

It’s highly probable, while not scientifically proven, that even this gorgeous Yellowstone elk, whom I’ve shot near the Firehole Lake, could not foresee that either.


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