How to replace a broken Digitizer Touch Screen Front Glass on iPad

More than happy to announce that I managed to unshatter my iPad’s Digitizer Touch Screen Front Glass. Even more, I have some advices for those who got themselves in the same situation, breaking their precious iPad’s Touch Screen as I did.

As far as I understand, Apple always considers broken glass as being 100% the consumer’s fault, thus you will have to pay the full prize for the repair. Which is around 300 USD or EUR (that is if you don’t have some additional insurance, which I didn’t have). Nevertheless, it could be useful first calling your Apple contact to learn if you have some insurance.

If that is not the case, you can still choose sending it in and spend 300 bucks / euros. On the other hand, you can buy Digitizer Touch Screen Front Glass + Tools & Adhesive (via Amazon), and replace the glass yourself for about 25 bucks / euros.

If you’ll choose the latter, first of all, search the internet for the tutorial videos on replacing the Digitizer Glass (there are plenty of really great videos) to asses whether you got the guts and will to do it yourself. Find the video for yours iPad generation.

Watching the videos, you’ll probably get the idea that changing the broken Touch Screen Glass is pretty easy. The nice thing is, it is indeed quite easy and straightforward. Just don’t forget watching the videos several times to memorize all the steps, as that’s very important.

Proceed only after getting sure you’ve got all the necessary tools and adhesive. Normally, the Digitizer Touch Screen Front Glass is delivered with all the tools as well as adhesive already applied, but make sure that’s the case, as you’re going to remove the old adhesive.

Digitizer Glass is glued to the frame, so you will have to apply heat in order to melt the glue: the hotter the glue, the easier removing the glass. A hairdryer is an ideal tool for that, so don’t bother looking for any professional heater.

If your glass is shuttered really bad (as in my case), then, while removing it, you’ll be dealing with a lot of glass fragments. My advise is to keep handy a vacuum cleaner in order to remove the fragments along the way.

And yet another tip: while the operation could easily be done by one daring man / woman, ask someone to assist you. At least, that’s what I’ve done. The second person could remove the glass fragments and — which is even more important — film the whole thing, as afterwards you will want having that all on tape. Besides, at the time you will lift the glass, going to remove the LCD screen, which is right under the Digitizer Touch Screen Front Glass, this second person will hold the Digitizer, thus helping you to remove the LCD screen, change the Digitizer Glass, place the LCD screen back, reconnect the screen’s & Digitizer’s connectors with much greater ease.

Actually, the whole thing is quite a lot of fun.

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