La Course de Taureaux à Arles: Celebrating the Bull and the Man


Another fresh entry in the photoglog: La Course de Taureaux à Arles (Bull Runs in Arles). A couple of words about the event.

Unlike in the traditional bullfighting, which is entirely devoted to the human superiority and almost always ends up by killing a bull, the focus of this event is on the power, fighting spirit and intelligence of a bull. Each bull has his own name, which is mentioned on the posters, — while the bullfighting posters only mention the bullfighter’s name. The oldest written record of these Bull Runs in Arles (France) dates from 1402; since the 19th century, the game has acquired its modern, humane nature: animals do not undergo any intentional suffering and always leave the arena alive. Every game involves several bulls. A red cocarde ribbon is attached between their horns, and the “runners” (razeteurs), dressed in white and armed with “crochets” (hooks), try to cut the ribbon or remove strings and tassels from the horns. Some bulls have been eternalized in statues, while the “runners” just enjoy some local popularity. And still, with all the focus on the bull, it takes a lot of courage to step into the arena and ‘play’ with a bull: while it’s just a game for a young “runner”, a bull always means to harm you as hard as he can.

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