Waiting for Sergeant Bertrand — this time in Greece

Aleksandr Skorobogatov, MoscowFor all of us waiting for Sergeant Bertrand in Greece: the book is set to arrive to Greece this Autumn, November 1st. 

The novel has been translated about two years ago (by brilliant Alexandra Ioannidou (Αλεξάνδρα Ιωαννίδου)) in the midst of the economic crises, undoubtedly the worst times for the whole international publishing industry in decennia. Lots of publishing houses all over the world had to close their doors, some were forced to merge, loosing their precious indi status, while the lucky ones were able to survive and maintain their independence, but were unable to sustain their pre-crisis publishing volumes, — as the readers just stopped buying books. And the hard times are not over quite yet. 

Anyways, here is Sergeant Bertrand’s page on the site of Kastaniotis Editions, for years the most productive and respectful Greek publishing house:


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