Vera sold out on Amazon Italia in a day?

I’m not sure how long ‘Vera’ was in stock on Amazon Italy, but from what I know, it took ‘Vera’ about two weeks to get to the store. 

I’ve noticed the book for the first time this Saturday — being the #3 fastest growing bestseller on Amazon Italia with more than 50.000% growth on the list of the ‘Most Popular Products in Books’ (I Prodotti del Memento in Libri). 

The numbers and screenshots I provided in the previous post were made when ‘Vera’ has already been sold out and therefore began to slide in the Amazon stats.

Of course I was surprised and amazed and amused and whatever by the numbers I saw. I simply didn’t know something like that exists (these stats) and is possible (50.000-40.000% growth a day).

But first and foremost, as any other writer, I was basically glad to see my first book in Italian translation being that much in demand. 

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