Vera di Aleksandr Skorobogatov: in Italian, in Italy, online

While the book is not yet published in Italy, it happens pretty soon: in just a few days Vera di Aleksandr Skorobogatov lands in the Italian bookstores. Hallelujah!

We’re almost as happy as you are. 

Knowing how desperate you are to lay your hands on this marvellous book as soon as it gets and probably much earlier, we’re recommending you a couple of online stores, where you can get Vera, not leaving your natural habitat, which is most probably either a penthouse of some Grand Hotel or your own personal cosy island with a great view… On something beautiful. Like on your island. With a great view. On something beautiful.

Here it goes:–Aleksandr/Edizioni-E-O.html

If you would like to add your favourite store, which has been omitted here, just let us know.

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