Andy Warhol’s house for sale

Andy Warhol - Mick Jagger  1975

Image by oddsock via Flickr

At last!

It’s a beautiful four-story townhouse bought by the artist in 1960, where Warhol lived with his mother for 14 years. This was also the place where Andy Warhol created a number of his most illustrious works like the Campbell’s Soup and Dollar Bill series.

In 1960 Andy paid for this house 60.000 USD, while its current price is 4.295.000 USD, which isn’t that much bearing in mind the place (Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, New York), its famous owner, four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms.

But why a half bathroom?

Curiously enough, this last half-bathroom was created for a possible midget guest, who could visit the great artist and suddenly decide to take a bath. As midgets are very compact creatures, they obviously don’t need a full size bath, which as a matter of fact could even be dangerous for such a tiny organism. Therefor the half-bathroom is equipped with a half-bath as well as a half-sink, a half-tap, giving approximately half of a normal amount of water; it also features about half of the usual light and air, as Andy believed midgets must not be allowed to breath too much, and of course a half-mirror with a quarter of its reflection, which is more than enough for a midget.

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