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Two new photo collections

There are two new photo collections on the site: Human, All Too Human and Dark Light, — which are also my first black and white series.
На сайте появились две новые подбоки фотографий: Human, All Too Human и Dark Light, — мои первые черно-белые коллекции.

Writing to stay sane: 2 = 3 0

Writing to stay sane: 2 = 3

Yesterday I finished first draft of my new novel. Which means that during last 2 years I’ve written 3 new novels: ‘Wheel’, ‘Raccoon’ and ‘Experiment № 1’ (working title), — and rewritten 2 existing ones (‘Cocaine’ and ‘Earth without water’).

The end is the beginning is the end 0

The end is the beginning is the end

There is a thing I can not exactly grasp: how does the reader loose his interest, not in the works by some particular author who’s getting worse, but in the literature of an entire county, even of a number of countries and almost of a whole continent?